Bromelien pflegen, pflanzen und vermehren - Mein schöner ...

Cutest boelie you'll ever see

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Unathi Kwaza RT from AfriForum: | MEDIAVERKLARING | Polisie versaak gemeenskappe deur nie teen EFF-boelies op te tree nie

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My boelie Rex napping. Not dead just lazy.

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Boelie thinking my hat is his

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"My friend doesn't like the camera. Don't worry, I do! :D" Tried to take pictures of Boelie's silly eye, ended up with a lot of curious Waldo pictures.

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Ek het vir /SouthAfrica gevra of hulle ooit ontgroen is (ek het dit redelik rof gehad in '87) maar later besef dat dit dalk meer van 'n Afrikaner ding as 'n Suid Afrikaner verskynsel is/was.
So, wie is ontgroen, en wat dink julle daarvan? Ek self het destyds nie daarvan gehou nie, maar gedink dis noodsaaklik. Met ouderdom kom wysheid, so nou dink ek dit was heeltemal onnodige ge-boelie.
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Alright, help me decide:

This sub has been rather dead for the past months, but we had a really nice small yet active community here. So I would suggest something: We can have events like a lot of subs do. We could either have weekly threads of Poetry adoring Boe, we could have art contests, we could have practically anything that doesn't require streams because my internet is way too awful. My favourite idea is hosting a Poetry Thread or a Community Poetry Thread, in which either people post their own poems, or we all write one single poem. Both are possible and both would show gratitude towards His Boeliness.
We could also host discussions or even write the Boe Bible or something like that. Just brainstorm in the comments guys, whatever you come up with is fine, as long as it doesn't require a good internet connection.
Keep on boeing.
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is this a server in minecraft?

No? No? No, this is an IRC channel. No? -!- RenzoBoelie has quit -!- Flashynuff has joined Flashynuff, is this a minecraft server? I cannot say for certain if it is or is not a minecraft server. That information is classified.
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Boelie - YouTube Tipp Karpfenangeln - Boilie richtig aufziehen - YouTube Rockstar, Oelie__Boelie and semdecoolemen - YouTube Skoliere se ‘boelie-video’ ondersoek Battle Outfit - Blinding Lights, Oelie__Boelie and ...

Boilies und Baits sind die wichtigsten Angelköder beim Karpfenangeln. Mit diesen 3 Boilies werden Sie garantiert Erfolg haben. Wanneer iemand jou boelie kan hulle dalk elke dag hierdie dinge doen: Jou lelike name noem; Stories opmaak om jou in die moeilikheid te kry; Slaan, knyp, byt, stamp en stoot; Iets uit jou hande wegvat; Dit wat aan jou behoort stukkend gooi; Jou geld vat; Jou vriende van jou wegvat; Lelike dinge van jou sê vir ander mense; Dinge vir jou sê wat jou bang laat voel. Dink julle nie dat ons ... Boilies PopUps Hookbaits von Northern Baits ein Boiliehersteller der nur die bestmöglichen Zutaten verwendet und somit einen der besten Köder produziert. Unser PopUps sind passend zu unseren Boilies erhältlich. Es gibt sie in den Größen 20 mm,16 mm und 10mm. Die MasterBaits PopUps sprechen optisch und geschmacklich die Sinneswahrnehmung des Karpfen verstärkt an. Sie weisen einen sehr guten Auftrieb... Découvrez les accessoires La Boëlie, étuis et housses de flûtes traversières, flûtes en bois type Boehm et piccolos, esthétiques et joyeux. Fabrication artisanale en cuir en France.

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Boelie - YouTube

In diesem Video erklärt euch Holger von die wie man einen Boilie richtig aufs Haar aufzieht. Das Karpfenangeln mit Boilies ist immer noch die be... Anti-boelie projek wys toneel van boeliery aan Sonneveld Akademie - Duration: 1:20. Brakpan Herald 1,291 views. 1:20. 5 Most SURPRISING Videos You Will Ever See! - Duration: 10:02. ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Moenie boelie nie. Dis lelik. Comments are turned off. Learn more. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next I Filled Chase's Room With Pictures Of ... Clip of the Battle Outfit and Blinding Lights!/tid=CUSA00572_00